We are looking for new board members! Email sarah.pray@gmail.com for more information.

The next TRCA election is June 15,2018! 


PRESIDENT - David Sterling (dsterling68@gmail.com) and his wife Sandy have been on ETR since 1999 and have a son, John. Both work from home doing IT consulting (David) and in-home medical care for pets (Sandy).

VICE PRESIDENT - Hendrick Booz (hendrickbooz@gmail.com) lives on Hilton St. with his wife, Kelly, and two children Madeline and William. Hendrick has been a high school English teacher and varsity lacrosse coach with Fairfax County Public Schools since 2000. While the Boozes moved in to the Taylor Run community in September 2013, they have been Alexandria residents since 2005. In fact, when Hendrick first moved from Arlington to Alexandria, he ended up on Moncure, one street from where he and his wife eventually bought a house. 

VP of MEMBERSHIP – Sarah Pray (sarah.pray@gmail.com) joined the TRCA Executive Committee in 2015. Sarah and her husband Jim have lived in Alexandria for over a decade, and have been in their house on Melrose Street since 2011. They have three young daughters and love the warm and welcoming community of Taylor Run. For her day job, Sarah works in downtown D.C. as a human rights advocate. Sarah is TRCA's Crime Liaison.


SECRETARY - Craig Moore (craige.moore@gmail.com) and her husband Jeff Cioletti and their 2 cats have lived in the area since 2015. Craige grew up in Old Town and has enjoyed being back in her hometown as an adult. Craige is somewhat obsessed with gardening, composting and her electric bike. She works in marketing and Jeff has the coolest job: he writes about booze for a living.


Ashkan Bayatpour (ash-con by-at-pour) (ashkan.bayatpour@gmail.com) Ashkan moved to the Taylor Run community from Washington, D.C. in 2014. He works for a government consulting firm and serves as a Navy Reserve officer. He enjoys taking full advantage of Alexandria, especially dining in Old Town and Del Ray. While he has a variety of interests, SEC football is his favorite subject to discuss with anyone who will listen. He specifically enjoys the topic of the un-ending dominance of his Alabama Crimson Tide football team. 

Greta Bertinot (gbertinot@me.com) and her husband Brad have lived in the Taylor Run community since 2014, first on East Taylor Run Parkway, and now on King Street.  Brad is a tax consultant at Deloitte and a member of the Alexandria Community Services Board, and Greta works as a behavior consultant/special education teacher for Quantico Schools.

Tyler Brummond (tgbrummond@gmail.com) and his wife, Michelle (and two children) reside on Melrose Street.  Tyler works for the Marine Corps and has lived in the Taylor Run neighborhood since 2016.  Tyler joined TRCA in 2018 as a TRCA Executive Committee member.

John Chapman (j.taylor.chapman@gmail.com) has been a resident of W. Taylor Run Parkway since 1997. A native Alexandrian, John on the Alexandria City Council and is also a Community Use Program Specialist with Fairfax County. John has served on the TRCA board for more than a decade!

Alicia Johnson Backous (alicia.backhous@gmail.com) Alicia and her husband have lived in the Washington, DC area for nearly 15 years - most recently residing on Upland Place since 2014 with their two restless sons. What they love most about the neighborhood is that familiar "Midwest Nice" community feel that they remember from back home in Michigan (Go Blue!) and Nebraska (Go Big Red!). When not running from daycare and school pick ups, to soccer or the store - Alicia spends her day doing management consulting work for PricewaterhouseCoopers.  

Brett Egusa (begusa@gmail.com) and his wife, Erin (and two children) reside on Melrose Street.  Brett works for the Federal Government and has lived in the Taylor Run neighborhood since 2005.  Brett joined TRCA in 2012 as a TRCA Executive Committee member.

Kris Ramsey

Michele Cook